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I've discovered this guy recently via Layered Goods

- and i'm nicely surprised. I don't know why but it seems to me like LA scene is becoming better and better again. Check his Myspace

for more info, or his blog

, i don't want to write was has been written already ten times. He is really interesting (or crazy?:) You could find some free downloads of his music there too.

Evan Voytas - I Run With You, Spirit Animal

More his videos at Vimeo - Evan Voytas




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I've found some paintings of this guy today and i really like them. So I've searched internet to know a little more about this artist and that's for example what i've found:
"Contemporary artist Titus Kaphar makes oil-on-canvas copies of European and American portrait paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries and reconfigures them in strategic ways to create a dialogue about race, art and representation. His work is at once beautiful and halting as he dances between fictional narrative and history."

Check his blog

, it's full of his paintings.

Titus Kaphar - History in the Making Interview



BIG SPIDER'S BACK - Warped [2009]

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Electronic artist Big Spider’s Back has amassed a growing following in the Northwest’s DIY community and beyond. Combining haunting vocals with swirling layers of lo-fi psychedelia, synthesizers and field recordings, his music alternates between soaring crescendos and dense thickets of electronic ambience. The result is one big, blissed out cacophony.

Along with his recording projects, Big Spider’s Back has also collaborated with various video artists, lending his music to installations and his own live performances. He's debut EP, "Warped," comes out November 10th on Circle Into Square.

Check his Myspace or blog.

Big Spider's Back - Warped

Big Spider's Back - Full Set from Filmed in Stereo on Vimeo.