EL GUINCHO - Algranza [2008]

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Tenhle me posledni dobou taky hodne bavi. Neni to sice uplna novinka, mmchdm mu rikaj karibskej Panda Bear, ale ja o nem predtim nemela ani tuseni a na leto hudba jak vysita :)

Nejaky dalsi info na jeho Myspace.

El Guincho's Tropic Thunder



SO MANY DYNAMOS - The Loud Wars [2009]

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So Many Dynamos is a rock band from Edwardsville, Illinois, USA. Their music is generally classified as indie rock, combining aspects of pop, dance-punk, and math rock. They take their name from a famous palindrome. This is third album and Vagrant debut from these Edwardsville, Illinois math-dancers. Death Cab for Cutie's Chris Walla produces. This is their Myspace.

So Many Dynamos - Search Party (Live)



RAINBOW ARABIA - Kabukimono [2009]

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Rainbow Arabia marry electro-acoustic dance sounds and world music with the youthful energy of punk using an array of Lebanese synthesizers and drum machines, serpentine guitar lines, live percussion, and Siouxsie-esque vocals that are at times war calls while beautifully spectral at others. In their brief existence, the two have toured the US with Gang Gang Dance and Gangi mesmerizing crowds with their psychedelic, tribal live show.


style: psychedelic, electronic, ethnotronica
(for those who like for example TELEPATHE or GANG GANG DANCE)

Rainbow Arabia - Omar K [Manimal Vinyl]