ARMS - Arms EP [2010]

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Todd Goldstein's solo project ARMS....I'm still in love with the album Kids Aflame from 2008 (my top album of that year, which was followed by my top of 2009 with his project The Harlem Shakes and album Technicolor Health), and now in 2010 he is releasing this new "EP", which is even 100 percent free and legal...

Arms - Shitty Little Disco (My top of the tops favorite song - from Kids Aflame)

So download it as i did:
1 or 2 or 3.

And eat!


PILL WONDER – Jungle/Surf 12″ [2010]

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Pill Wonder is the solo works of Will “Murder” Murdoch from Seattle, Washington. It hasn't been written too much about them yet, but i bet this will change very soon. It's my new favorite band and i wish them good luck. Should be in mp3 players of all the fucking hipsters around.

Check their Myspace. U can buy this master piece shit at their label store Underwater Peoples Records. Btw this label collect cool artists like Real Estate, Air Waves, Julian Lynch etc..Support them!

Pill Wonder - Wishing Whale

They don't have too much photos yet....

You have to believe it. It's 2010 underground.