Odkazy na tento příspěvek
Ok. 2010 finally ends! Hooray, i didn't like it from the very beginning. With music i was heading back to more electronic and synth roots and thanks to Ariel Pink i even felt sympathy for reverb and lo-fi sounds for a moment. But together with all that witch house shit and unpronouncable names of bands with almost no melody and stupid echo's without anything you could catch in it, i started to hate it and i can't understand why so many "musicians" do that if they like some other band they come with almost the same name of their band! how come they don't feel stupid about copying others so obviously? bands with crystal, gold, beach, broken, magic, white, black, cold, wild, bear, wolf, ghost, glass, teenage..when i see such a word in a band, i can't give a shit about them anymore..
So 2010 was about experimenting and pumping from synthetic roots.

So there are my 12 favorite albums of this year:


2. TWIN SHADOW - Forget

3. ARCADE FIRE - The Suburbs

4. TORO Y MOI - Causers Of This

5. GIRLS - Broken Dreams Club

6. WILD NOTHING - Gemini

7. LOCAL NATIVES - Gorilla Manor

8. DEERHUNTER - Halcyon Digest


10. jj - nº 3

11. SUFJAN STEVENS - The Age Of Adz

12. CFCF - Panesian Nights


APPARAT ORGAN QUINTET - Polyfonia [2010]

Odkazy na tento příspěvek

The Apparat Organ Quartet is an Icelandic band founded in 1999 by Jóhann Jóhannsson, Hörður Bragason, Músikvatur and Úlfur Eldjárn. Here is their Myspace

. They have passion for out-moded musical machines and ancient communication technologies. You could definitely get that from the songs.. The album recording took very long to make, because they had to discover by themselves how to record an organ quartet: "We couldn't just go to the record-store and ask for an organ quartet album. We had to invent the genre." Polyfonia is their second one and it's quite danceable..

Apparat Organ Quartet - Cargo Frakt