SKYBOX - Morning After Cuts [2010]

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The new Of Montreal.Boys from Chicago. Cool. You should know about them :) Check their website or Myspace. Their live shows are deservedly storied, often evolving into spectacles that in the past have included costumes, confetti, go go dancers, snack cakes and the occasional chicken suit. The first single from the record, “In a Dream” is available for free download at www.skyboxmusic.com. Or you can support the band and buy their album at Skybox store.



IS TROPICAL - Demos [2009]

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New London trio, really nail that kinda lo-fi, electro punk attitude, yet poppy songs sound. You can judge for yourself by downloading the demo of Is Tropical’s Seasick Mutiny here.. I'm already hooked and wish them good luck, I bet they'll grow bigger soon.

This is their Myspace. And their Demos album.

IS TROPICAL - When O' When


HI, TIGER - Hide The Drugs + Bonus [2009]

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Say hello to Hi Tiger (Brooklyn, New York). Hi Tiger is a side project of the Neon Coyote kids and promising new direction. They also claim it's a perfect music for dancing around the living room in your underwear. Let's try it! Snowy sunday is a perfect setting for doing this ;)

This is their Myspace and they have a cool blog too, promoting other artists..

They don't have any official video yet, but just to hear their song..check this one

Hi Tiger - Dance Around

And if you like them as i do, u will appreciate their Xmas mix too. You can get it here. Well, there are much more of mixes on their blog..Worth checking, love it!