PRIZES - It's a Treasure(s) [2010]

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Do you know Prizes? It's a guy from the UK (Liverpool or London?) who used to call himself Treasure and before that Treasures. His real name is Hari Ashurst (maybe). He started just last summer when he was waiting for the summer that didn't come. I'm glad that music scene in the UK is getting up again (from my point of view of course) and with so many names for just one artist my UK music folder seems even bigger :) I am kinda fed up with American monopoly cos its too far from me and i'm going to England for summer, so ...:)

Check his :::Prizeless Blog:::.

I was just talking to my friend recently about a possibility of going to Canada and that's when i've discovered this video too..

Prizes - Canada

He did a mix for my previous employer too - you can get it here :::: Prizes - Vice Mix :::

And he appears @ the Social EP with my favorite Memoryhouse, Vision of Trees and How To Dress Well that you could download here ::: The Line Of The Best Bit - Social EP :::



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††††††††††►►►►►►►►►►►††††† WITCH▲HAUS †††††◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄†††††††††

I've been following this "new" music for some time and WITCH▲HAUS is blog dedicated purely to it. Witch house..I don't mean the house in the city of Salem in the USA, i mean those weirdos playing electronic music, giving themselves unreadable names and pretending beiing mysterious and hip. I like some of it..not everything. It's the natural process for me of beiing bored of classic indie and electronic music, but i don't think this would be a long music period for me..I still appreciate "quality" too, fresh idea itself doesn't last long. But whatever, i like it now, and people always say that present is what counts!

So let's try that blog, it gives you everything for free, it only wants to be appreciated ;)

White Ring
Modern Witch
White Ring
Young Cream

Marlo Pascual


If you plan to create your own witchhaus band, this will help to you decide about your name

c h i l l w i t c h n a m e m a g i c


ARIEL PINK Live & Interview on The Drone [2010-02-04]

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Because it is not cheap.


Have fun and make mistakes!

For those who love Ariel Pink as much as i do - grab their whole discography here
(before today only "before today", it's not included):

:::A R I E L P I N K - D I S C O G R A P H Y:::