Odkazy na tento příspěvek
The taxi driver has stolen my wonderful bag with my life in it. I had my laptop there, camera, mobile phone, ipod, lot of clothes, id's, personal stuff and quite some money. It was right after going home from the show we organized - gig of Why? and I was given a LP WHY? and got a bit too much drunk and woke up next day only with this LP in bed. My only words left were WHY????
Of course the taxi driver knew where i live, had all my id's and contacts, that's the thing he didnt give me back anything. The worst (if i could judge) was to loose laptop - i had all my photos, music, videos, ideas, documents etc there...mostly (90%) without any backups.. at least the year 2012. Year 2012 has been stolen from my life.
That makes it a bit more difficult to choose the best bits from it cos i dont have anything left...I have to use last.fm scrobbles and memory.

:::::My top 2012::::::

1. Lindstrøm - Smallhans

cosmic dance that maintains an earthy humanity

2. Ty Segall - Twins

the San Francisco garage-rocker

3. Beach House - Bloom

two people from Baltimore

Beach House - Other People (Unofficial Video) from daniel on Vimeo.

4. Islands - A Sleep & a Forgetting

most lyrically direct and naked

5. Breakbot - By Your Side

soft porn soundtracks and carefree sha-la-las

To be continued....maybe