BOY CRISIS - Tulipomania [2009]

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NYC disco indie band (or what it is), check out their Myspace. Reminds me of Passion Pit, but it's more fun.

Boy Crisis - Dressed To Digress

There has been a problem with the name of the album "Tulipomania", cos some band called that name didn't like it and wanted them to change the name of the album. So i don't really know, if u can buy it somewhere or what happened...For example Amazon site says "This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer."
So i've found only a link to try it..Enjoy!


HIGH WOLF - Incapulco & Animal Totem [2009]

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I really like this neo-psychedelia drone tropical what else band from France. Check their Myspace.. There are links to download their music for free! Besides myspace there is not too much about them on the web, but they have gigs with bands like Sun Araw, Pocahaunted, Teeth Mountain..so you could guess what to expect. But trust me, it's better than your expection :)

HIGH WOLF - Incapulco [2009]

You can buy it at Winged Sun Records blog. Or you can download it.

HIGH WOLF - Animal Totem [2009]

Animal Totem is High Wolf’s debut release. It's a hand-numbered edition of 100, art by Amanda. But you can still download it here.



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Detroit native and ex Mormon Missionary Casey Jex Smith spent two years in Brazil as an LDS missionary (white shirt, tie, name tage, aka Elder Smith). Back from Brazil, he worked as a cook at a care center for mentally and developmentally disabled elderly folk while he put together his portfolio and applied to grad schools. The San Francisco Art Institute was the only school he got accepted to :) He graduated in 2005. Since then he had a lot of (solo) exhibitions..There is some of his work. Check his website for more info.

And this is him :)

F*A*S*H*i*O*N 4 tHis auTumN

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1.It's getting cold outside
2.It's party time
3.It's time for something fresh!

let's keep warm!

let's shock them!

let's look great!

let's get funky!

and don't be afraid!

Simply enjoy your days no matter what!

BLACK MOLD - Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz [2009]

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But just to let you know, don't expect anything similar to his "Soft Airplane". It's instrumental, electronic and mysterious. Nothing you would start dancing on straight away :)

Black Mold is the electronic alter-ego of Chad VanGaalen. He released the project's new album, Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz, August 11th through Flemish Eye. VanGaalen apparently spent many late nights, over the last couple years, messing with vintage analogue and hand-built modular synths to create the sounds. If you're a VanGaalen fan and looking for sound parallels, the Black Mold sound has been tied to the early electronic groundwork of J.C.’s Head on the Cross, from VanGaalen's 2004 album Infiniheart, along with Red Hot Drops, from Skelliconnection, and TMNT Mask from last year's Soft Airplane album.

That's their myspace .

Black Mold - Metal Spiderwebs

Black Mold: Metal Spiderwebs from Flemish Eye on Vimeo.

You can buy this album on Flemish Eye website.

U can try it here.