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Amazing photos I've found today from Harmonique (freelance photographer,Moscow)

There are some of his websites:




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Hank Schmidt in der Beek stands in the manner of a plein air painter surrounded by mountain scenery and paints the pattern of his shirt on canvas. (Photos: Fabian Schubert)

More about Szpilman Award :::here:::

FMA - Free Music Archive

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I came across to FMA today and i think it's a great project so I've decided to keep it in my memory and post it here cos it's something I'd love to have in the Czech republic and what I'd personally love to do. As far as I know my aim is to live with, around and from M U S I C and my only experience so far was in global media company Vice (which was close enough to my dream), but unfortunately in the Czech Republic it's run by two guys who ignore to pay money they owe so don't ever start anything with them unless you want to do it for free..I'll have to do something about that later too! But now about Free Musis Archive.

The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads. It is directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. Radio has always offered the public free access to new music. So this is a continuation of that purpose, designed for the age of the internet.

The music there varies from what i call "mature alternative" to psychedelic and lo-fi. I've tried to search for Tanlines - nothing, Washed Out - nothing, but Ariel Pink and Deerhunter or Atlas Sound - lot of free tracks. No matter what, even if it's not the best source of free music, it's a quality website and cool idea!

As an example of their taste I've chosen a compilation made for Blackburn Recordings (http://blackburnrecs.blogspot.com/


BLACKBURN RECORDINGS - Various Deficiencies Vol. 1

City Center - Grow Up Again
Big Troubles - Chalk Circles
Cloud Nothings - Leave You Forever
Campfires - Oh Golden Dawn
Sore Eros - Melting
Brett Marren - Love Is A Jawbreaker
Possum - Red Hot
Coasting - Snow Song (Live on WNYU)
Lame Drivers - Working Song
Metal Rouge - Fast Flora Lights
Cursillistas - Trail of Tears
Sleep In Sundays - Flour
Falsetto Boy - Hey Sue
Mountainhood - Coney Island
Sleep Over - The Key
Island's Eyelids - Western Cameo
Sultan - There Goes My Girl



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I was searching for Bye Bye Blackbird and after that I've noticed that it belongs to Arcade Sound label, which is pretty cool and i've been listening lately to lot of (and promoting to my friends and here) Arcade sounds..

You could download much more music straight from their website so it's ridiculous to copy it here.. :)


Artists (giving their album for free):
Bye Bye Blackbird
Magic Man

Other artists (not free download):
Teen Daze
Kiss Kiss Fantastic
Coma Cinema

MAGIC MAN - Real Life Color [2010]

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Magic Man is exactly the style of music i always like...Magic Man are Sam and Alex from Boston. They posted their debut record on bandcamp as a free download (i think i'll have more and more stuff from there).

I really like that album. You will too!


MEMORYHOUSE - The Years EP [2010]

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I'm not a fan of bands with girls in it, especially when they are singing..but this is an exception :) Memoryhouse on Myspace


Memoryhouse - To The Lighthouse

They are giving their album for free to download :::here:::

or at their label website Arcade Sound Ltd



FRIEND'S RECORDS - Friends And Friends of Friends [2010]

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I think you know Bandcamp

? It's my (recently) favorite music website. Ten thousands better than Myspace. For those who don't know it promotes your music, usually for free. You could find well known bands as well as new fresh bands and labels..only tracks or whole albums.

One of those are Friends Records

based in Baltimore. They put pretty nice 15 tracks compilation made up of their bands there. U can download it for free.

Friends and Friends of Friends